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Salt Island Megaphones

Gray Morgan

Morgan Megaphone.jpeg

The old megaphones shown in the picture have been in the same coat closet at our Brier Neck summer cottage for decades longer than the length of my entire life, which as of this writing is approaching 63 years. As children, my cousins and I would play with them and laughingly shout through them, having been briefed more than once on their historical family significance. I don't know exactly how old they are, but they were used to communicate with the Parsons on Salt Island from our upper front porch. Our house is directly across from the island. As the story goes, my grandfather Alva Britton Morgan, and quite possibly my great grandfather Albert Benton Morgan, would yell over to the Parsons to negotiate their orders for lobsters, a favorite family summer treat. In addition to amplifying one's outgoing voice from the initiator, the megaphones could be placed over the ear of the listener to amplify the return communication from the responder. I would never part with them and I will pass their story and historical tie to Salt Island and the Parsons on to my grandchildren and beyond, the LORD willing!

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