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About FOGH

Save Salt Island (SSI) and the Friends of Good Harbor (FOGH) have formed an alliance for the preservation of Salt Island in its natural vegetative state with unobstructed passage for visitors to explore and enjoy its uniqueness.  On July 7, 2021, the FOGH board of directors voted to endorse the campaign of SSI for the removal of recently installed fence posts and prohibition of animal grazing and vegetation destruction as these activities fall under the jurisdiction of the Wetlands Protection Act and the Gloucester Wetlands Ordinance.  The board of directors also extended support for financial management of donor contributions, accounting, and contractual

engagements when needed and consistent with statutory requirements and established practices as a chartered non-profit organization.

Friends of Good Harbor, Inc. is a citizen-based organization dedicated to environmental preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the Good Harbor beach, marsh, and watershed.  Initially, representing the neighborhoods abutting Good Harbor, FOGH has expanded to include the larger community of Gloucester and Cape Ann.  Projects have included: development of new signage for Good Harbor Beach, advocacy for fenced dunes, maintenance of kiosks at GHB, simplified rules postings, plantings at the entry of the parking lot, promotion of a walkway along Thatcher Road, sponsorship of public forums on environmental issues, and periodic research studies of salt marsh conditions.

If you are interested in supporting the work of Save Salt Island we have made arrangements to receive donations through the non-profit organization, Friends of Good Harbor, Inc.  Two methods of contribution are offered.  Donors may send checks payable to the Friends of Good Harbor, Inc. (and noted for Save Salt Island on the memorandum line).  The postal address of FOGH is P.O. Box 53, Gloucester, MA 01931.  Donors may also contribute online by clicking the button below. The steps are simple: designate your gift amount (a small processing fee will be added unless you opt out), choose a payment method (e.g. credit card, Venmo, Paypal), confirm, and submit.  Your contribution will be deposited in FOGH’s account with Cape Ann Savings Bank and credited to Save Salt Island.  The amount will become tax deductible upon IRS authorization of FOGH’s 501(c)(3) reapplication.  Volunteer donations to Save Salt Island are appreciated to cover current expenses and future fund raising goals that may be required.

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